Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dukoral...Schmukoral!'s starting to get really close to my departure date now......ahhhhhh....I am SO EXCITED!!!!!! Only 9 more sleeps to go!!!!!!

I had to take my first dose of "Dukoral" yesterday....YUCK! It was really awful.....<GAG!>

It's an oral vaccine to prevent traveller's diarrhea and it tastes like the fluoride rinse at the dentist only 100 times more potent.  I didn't think it would be THAT bad and thought I could down it all in one shot......NOT!!!!

I was in the kitchen attempting to drink the vaccine and my boys were getting such a kick out of seeing their poor old Mum gagging into the sink......and of course my oldest son had to whip out his camera phone to capture the whole event on video.....I told him if that clip shows up on You-Tube he's in big trouble, as I did NOT consent to him posting my image online....ha, ha, ha.....good to see even when I'm under the weather my "PF" (Privacy Freak) side is still alive and kicking!

So back to the Dukoral, you have to take two doses one week apart so now I have to attempt this all over again in a week......oh my!!!  Just a little tip for any of you reading this...if it comes in a pill format, take it!  The other little interesting fact about this vaccine is the side affects...basically in order to prevent diarrhea, it gives you diarrhea.....needless to say if given the choice I would much rather have this "condition" in Canada rather than Ghana!  Thankfully my office at work is very close to the bathroom as my stomach was churning all day long....but I'm sure it will all be worth it!!