Friday, January 20, 2012 we come!

Well, this is's the day we leave for Malawi....oh boy! <BIG sigh!>

There are just so many thoughts running through my mind.....

- what will it be like?
- are we prepared?
- did we bring the right materials?
- will we be able to help them?

but most importantly......

- will we make a difference?!

I'm thinking back to last year and the advice my Irish partner, Damien Brady gave me......he said "as long as we leave one "ting" of ourselves behind on this journey that will help them, then, we will have done our job"....hmmm......ahhh was good solid advice then as it is today...thank you Damo my friend as I will keep that in mind as I start this new journey with new experiences and look for the one gem that I can leave behind that will make a difference.......


Heidi :)