Thursday, January 5, 2012

What to pack for Africa....the "real list"

Only 2 weeks to go until I leave on my big journey to am sooooo lucky!!!! :)

I thought I would share with you what you really need to pack when you are going to Africa, or at least what MY must haves are:

Camera (with extra memory cards)
Multi country converter (awesome invention, has 5 different converters on one plug in)
99% Dheet insect repellent (only available in the States)
Head lamp (for use in "brown outs")
Cotton hankies
Hand sanitizer
Travel Guide
Map of Country
Journal (in case you do not have Internet or electricity)
Portfolio (handy to keep notes in when visiting)
Sleeping mask for airplane
Canada flag pins and stickers (lots!! ask your MP for some, these were a HUGE hit!!)
Business cards (bring tons! I ran out and everyone wanted one!)
Sham Wow towel (dries very quickly and doesn't get smelly!)
Travel soap & shampoo (Zellers sells soap and shampoo in paper thin wafers, in a container that looks like dental floss, in their travel aisle - awesome stuff!)
Comfort food from home (we had a Canadian junk food night and it was fantastic!)
Laptop with converter (tape your business card on the bottom of the laptop to recognize which one is yours when going through security)
Extra flash drives
Photocopies of important travel documents and passports (I also email copies to an email account that I can access internationally)
Ear bud style headphones for plane
Clothing (as little as possible, have it laundered in country)
Hand scale for weighing suitcase (I bought one at Wal-Mart for $10 - best $10 I ever spent!)
The biggest suitcase you have (even if it is half empty, it certainly won't be on the way home)

And one really good tip for you...if your suitcase is over weight, start putting your extra clothes on from your suitcase and wear them onto the plane!