Friday, January 14, 2011

Hmmm.....such a hard decision for a woman.....what to pack?

Or should I say what NOT to pack?! hahaha......

4 more sleeps and I'll be in Ottawa for my cultural training on Ghana...YAHOO....I can hardly wait!!

I've been setting aside the items I want to pack for a few weeks now (yes, I'm a planner!) and have it narrowed down to as little as possible but I'm sure I still have way too much! Our baggage allowance on Air Canada is only 1 checked bag and 1 carry one so I may have to get pretty creative!

I've learnt that the business wear for women in Ghana is for your shoulders and knees to be covered (not bare) and that a dress or skirt is appropriate, not "trousers". Oh boy...that rules almost all of my clothes out, especially my summer outfits!  Oh darn...I just HAD to go out and purchase some long skirts for Africa as I had none (ha, ha...I'll use any excuse for new clothes!).  When I was trying on my new "outfits" for Ghana my youngest son said....."Mum you aren't going to wear that back home are you?"  LOL...well I guess apparently NOT as it didn't go over so well with him, but hopefully it's acceptable over in Ghana.

4 more sleeps....4 more sleeps....4 more sleeps... :)