Friday, January 28, 2011

Nkoranza AGM

Well another day in Ghana and another surprise came our way...yet again!

Damien and I were visiting a smaller credit union in Nkoranza, a re-visit actually to see if any of the suggestion that were left with them last year from the CCA team were helpful or not.

Let's just say they definitely were! In fact I think almost every single suggestion had been and now they have added another branch 10 klms away and they have purchased the land to build a new branch in Nkoranza as they have outgrown their current building!! WOW! It is so rewarding to see these credit unions use our suggestions and have them make a difference, this is a great program!

While we were there Damien and I thought we had made out pretty good today with an easy visit and we would be back at our hotel in no time enjoying a tall cool Gulder. NOT!! We actually ended up being "invited" to the Nkoranza Area Teachers' Co-op Credit Union, so we both looked at each other and said "cool, should be fun!"

Well little did we know what we were in for!!!

Today is Friday and in Ghana Friday is considered "cloth day", each profession has their own cloth to symbolize them and it is very recognizable in the communitites. Damien has the credit union cloth for a shirt as he received it as a present. I on the other hand wore an Interior Savings Credit Union shirt that I had brought along and I have to tell you when that many people are wearing the same material you definitely feel left out!

We arrived at the AGM and we were floored!! Everywhere you looked there was the blue credit union cloth, apparently even their members wear it here! Needless to say there were 768 people at their outdoor AGM!! And that's 768 out of a membership of 1600!!! Those numbers are unheard of back home, even with the 80,000 memebers we have we've never even come close to a figure like that.

As we were the only Obrunis (white people) there we really stuck out but I can truly say I am used to it now. Damien and I had plans to stand at the back and watch the proceedings...but oh no......we ended up being "special guests" and were given a place of honour up in the main tent behind the one and only Mr Darko ....then on top of all that we were introduced to the crowd and had to stand up and be acknowledged by which I might add we received a big round of applause, especially when were were introduced by our Ghana names and christian names!

All in all another great day in Ghana full of exciting new experiences, and one that I can hardly wait to share with you when I'm back home and YES I have video of the ballot casting and you just have to see it to believe it!

Me dasi,

Sister Akua

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AGM Voting Box in Ghana

The "Volta" box on the chair is the voting box for the AGM we attended today at the Nkoranza Area Teachers' Co-op Credit Union and the blue shirt is made of the credit union cloth.
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