Friday, February 11, 2011

Back & sound

Well here I am, back home in Canada, safe and sound.

The last few weeks went by so fast, too fast in fact...

2011 CCA Ghana Coaches
I have to be honest when we were leaving Ghana I shed a few tears...and I am again now as I write this last posting...ahhh Ghana.....what a beautiful country and more importantly those incredible people are so amazing.....they have so little yet they give so really have to experience it to believe it.

Heidi & Emmanuel with "grass cutter"

One of my fellow coaches said that everyone needs to experience being a minority at least once in their life and he is so gives you such a different perspective on life and how to treat others......I have learnt so much about myself this trip, it was such an amazing personal development.

I am so grateful to so many people for making this trip such a memorable one for me...

Getting my hair "braided"

- to CCA for accepting me into this program, it truly was an incredible experience...I can hardly wait for next year....hopefully you will have me back! ;)

- to all the wonderful Ghanaians that I met and our amazing driver Moses, who kept us safe I say Medasi for being so warm and welcoming
Damien, Moses & Heidi

- to my fellow coaches and especially my partner Damo, I am so happy to have met you and to have made some new friends...for life!

- to my co-workers back home a big thank you for covering for me while I was away and for putting up with all the millions of stories I will be telling you and re-telling you when I get back to work...haha....

- to my boss, Dave and my employer, Interior Savings my gratitude for supporting my application and allowing me to participate in this incredible program with CCA, I hope I did you proud!

- to all of you who read my blog and posted some comments for me...thank gave me comfort knowing that I was still connected to all of you back home...(oh yeah and it gave me some good bragging rights with my fellow bloggers as my numbers were so high...right Cory?!...hahahaha...)

...and finally a huge thank you to my family....I know it wasn't easy with me being away so thank you for your patience and support, you've helped me realize one of my life long dreams and that is priceless!

Blogging in Ghana
Medasi....Sister Akua Heidi