Monday, January 20, 2014

Training to BA we go!

We finished up our training today.  It was excellent and a very enjoyable day.  It's great to see all the improvements in the program since I was last here.  A highlight from awesome ice breaker that Ernest from CUA led for us!  He combined Ghana, Ireland and Canada into a new word = GHANIRECAN

We all had to get up out of our seats, put our hands on our hips and spell out our new word with our was so funny!! We all laughed and laughed and it was such a good ice breaker! YES we will be trying this out in 'The Hood' when I get back!  Hands down best ice breaker ever, feel free to steal this idea.

We're off to BA tomorrow, a full day of travel and a first for me as we now fly on a domestic flight thanks to Scott and Brian who set that standard for all of us in 2012.

I have a new partner, Joan, from Fort St James as we both have a personal connection to the BA Region. Joan has hosted a lady in Canada in the Women's Mentorship Program and I want to return to BA so I can see the completed water hole that Damien and I (my coaching partner from 2011) worked on. We also learned today that we will have the same driver I had in 2011 - Moses - so this trip is really shaping up to be a trip down memory lane for me <BIG HUGE SMILE!>

Yup, another awesome day in Africa :) I can't wait for tomorrow!!

Heidi in Ghana......


  1. Looking forward to following you on your journey and to seeing pictures when you can post them

  2. Sounds like you're off to a great start! How wonderful to go back and see the results of what you helped start! Things are good in the hood. :-)

  3. I can't wait to see you roll out that ice breaker at work!