Sunday, January 26, 2014


Oh wow....WOWEEEE what a day!! We had the weekend off for some leisure time so we made the 9 hour trek up to Mole National Park for a safari. For a SAFARI people!!! In Africa!!! I mean come on....who doesn't want to do that in their lifetime??!!

I was so was excited at the opportunity to get to go and my partner Ya Joan is always up for anything so we went for it....even though it was a long drive it was so worth it!!

The moment we pulled up you could see them off in the distance, down at the watering only am I in Africa again but I am actually seeing elephants in the wild...AWESOME!!

Right across the road from the elephants!
So after a few hours there Joan and I decided to go get our bathing suits on so we could go for a dip in the pool and low and behold 4 elephants were just down the road from our room!! Wow....and I mean WOW another Bucket List item for me to cross off!!

First of all they are black not grey and they are very loud as they go stomping through the bush and eating all the leaves and branches. We were also told they have bad eyesight but excellent smell. Apparently if an elephant is ever coming at you, you are to hide behind a tree as they will typically not be able to see you as long as you go directly behind the tree and if there are several of you together then stand single file, one behind each other. Who knew?! Thankfully I didn't have to put this to the test today.

Having a FABULOUS time over here. Can't believe it is going by so fast (boo, hoo).

Ya Joan and I are already back at it tonight working on our board report for Mim Community Credit Union tomorrow. I can't wait for that meeting and to present all of our ideas...we have some real gems in there for them...Bring it!! :)

Akua Heidi in Sunyani, Ghana....feeling so damn lucky!!!! <BIG HUGE SMILE!>


  1. Enjoying your blogs Heidi!

  2. Heidi absolutely awesome to follow your blogs. Not that pictures wouldn't be nice, but in some ways the details you post make the pitures come back just the same.....and I am not on any Malerone! Our family is off to Disneyworld for a couple of weeks, so will be away to see any new info. until I return and then will catch up on all your wonderful experiences. Take care Cuz!

  3. Wow, so cool that you have been able to see some true african wildlife.
    So glad you were able to fet up there.

  4. Sounds so wonderful Heidi! Living vicariously through your posts :-) Looking forward to seeing your pictures when you are back.