Friday, January 24, 2014

Speaking the same language

The time is just whizzing by and my partner, "Ya Joan" (LOL YES there is a story there!) and I are having a fabulous time just taking it all in and enjoying every experience that comes our way.

So far we have:

My future husband?!
- met the Chief of the town we were in

- wandered in the community marketplace
- got bombarded by some kids at a road side stand
- was asked for my hand in marriage by a 60 something year old with 4 teeth (that one I had to really think about!)

- went 4X4'ing on a "shortcut" (only hit my head 10x on the roof  of the truck.....okay maybe I'm was more like 5)

I had my first shower tonight since I've been here....OMG....that felt soooo good. We take so much for granted back much!!  I even turned off the water while I was shampooing as it felt so precious, amazing how quickly you can adapt and truly be thankful for the little things that really mean so much.

Conversing in Twi with the local shop keepers
I've made it a goal to learn a new Twi (local dialect) word every day....I'm at 12 now LOL!!  It's really coming back to me. We were standing in the street outside our credit union this afternoon and an older lady was walking by and smiled at me so I said "maahaaa" (phonetic spelling)  which means good afternoon, she stopped dead in her tracks and asked me in twi how are you and I said "mo ho yay" which means I am good!  Then I told her "ma deen day" (my name is) Akua Heidi and she laughed and broke into a whole conversation with me in Twi which of course I knew none of those words...LOL...I just laughed and told her that's all I know.  It was awesome though....I love it <BIG HUGE SMILE!>

We're in Mim now working with the credit union here.  There is a great vibe in this credit union.   They are very warm and inviting and we even had dinner with their Founder - wow - they are so generous to us here.
Mim Credit Union

I really hope we can find some real gems, or our one 'ting' (as my former Irish coach and friend Damien would say) to leave behind to help them.....I'm quite certain we will :)

Akua Heidi in Ghana.....feeling so grateful....


  1. How exciting! Love reading your posts. Looking forward to seeing the pictures when you get back-Michelle Quail

  2. Medasi for your insightful blog Heidi