Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Learning and growing.....

Today was a very good day......even though I shed a few tears and am again now as I write was a very good day......

We had a great wrap us visit with our credit union.  We offered many suggestions to our new friends at the Berekum Area Teachers' Cooperative Credit Union and even gave them some very forward thinking ideas......I know they will seriously consider them and implement the ones that they can.

As I was giving the summary to the Board and was thanking them for being so gracious to us.....I teared is just so overwhelming at times how appreciated you feel by these amazing people and how good it feels inside to truly be helping others when you know the ideas will benefit so many. Thankfully my partner Ya Joan jumped in to "save me" when I started to get choked up as it really was an overwhelming moment for me....thanks Joan :)

Joan & Lynne - Heidi & Jonah
We also gave back on a personal level today. We asked our driver Moses if we could take his children swimming in our pool at the hotel.  They had visited us last week when we stayed here and seemed very curious about the pool as they have never been swimming before. So tonight when we arrived in town we picked them up on the way and took them in the pool with us.  WOW what an experience!! They loved it and it was so much fun seeing their reaction to being in that much water and learning how to keep their mouth closed so they didn't swallow the water LOL!  We take so much for granted back much....imagine your child never swimming before, not even in a bathtub full of water.  I wonder how that must have felt for them was a priceless memory that I'm sure none of us will ever forget. :)

Heidi, Moses & Joan
Moses stopped by later to give us his sincere gratitude for giving that moment to his children. was truly an honour to do that for you and Jonah and Lynne after you have done so much for us these last 2 weeks. Keeping us safe and listening to all our stories in the car (you poor thing!). I will miss you and all the new friends we have made here.

Sister Akua Heidi in Sunyani, Ghana.....feeling very fulfilled.....


  1. I'm tear'ing up as I read your story. Please bring Kleenex's with you when you come to do your presentations to us back at home (ha ha) because I think we'll need them. All I can really say is "wow". What a truly amazing experience you have had on this journey and the saying that "people get back what they give in spades" is this journey in a nutshell. Very inspring Heidi and we can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. What a wonderful post Heidi and such a fantastic idea to take your driver's kids swimming!!

  3. What fun! I'm hoping you took lots of pictures!

  4. That is just like YOU Heidi! You are sooo thoughtful!! Can't wait to hear all about your trip!! - Val S.

  5. cool Akua. I did the same with Abba's family one time on the coast west or Takoradi. It truly was amazing - I know how you feel. I am happy for Moses and his kids.
    Have good holiday in the sun, Kofi