Friday, January 31, 2014

One last item on my 'To Do' List....

It was our last day in Sunyani and Joan and I had a few things we wanted to do before we left.....okay let's make that I had one BIG thing I wanted to do before we left and my partner was kind enough to indulge me on one last request.

I decided I wanted to open an account at the Sunyani Municipal Teachers Cooperative Credit Union.  Call it research....or giving back to this community....or heck just plain believing in this credit union and all they have done.  For my coworkers back home the entire process took approximately 10 minutes and they even take your photo as they have it available online.....but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't confuse me with another member....LOL!

Akua with her passbook from Sunyani Municipal Teachers CCU

While I was there the Chair of the Board just happened to come in to do his banking and he was thrilled when he saw I was opening an account at his credit union.  I had met the Chair previously 3 years ago and it was very nice to see him again.  I told him how proud I was of all they had accomplished in such a a short period of time, and that I had always promised to come back and see their completed water hole one day and now I had fulfilled my promise. He was very pleased.

We then travelled to Accra, the capital city in Accra to meet up with all the other teams that have been working in Ghana. It was an awesome reunion seeing everyone again and hearing all their stories from the last week and a half and seeing how the partners have bonded during their time here, this truly is a remarkable program.  I've seen first hand some real changes and improvements since I was last here 3 years ago and that my friends is a wonderful feeling. I have no doubt the coaches from 2014 have made a contribution by providing yet another hand up not a hand out.

Akua Heidi in I could really use a long hot shower!!! Hahahah........


  1. Once again a wonderful blog Heidi. Safe travels home with such wonderful memories. :)

  2. Loved following your Journey Heidi, It really inspires me :)
    safe travels home!